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More Light Boxes. More Backlit and LED Light Box Display Solutions
For over 25 years, buyers in all industries have come to Access Display Group and, more recently, to our online store to purchase light boxes for their graphics, advertising posters, promotional marketing, and signage projects. Our extensive collection of backlit, edge-lit, and LED-lighted display frames, display cases, Snap Frame, and SwingFrame lighted poster frames have met the needs and budgets of all businesses and organizations.

Browse Our Extensive Collections of Poster Light Boxes
Light attracts attention. And having your framed outdoor or indoor poster and signage lit brightly is a smart way to turn heads toward your products, services, sales, promotions, upcoming events, other information, and announcements.

Today most framed and illuminated printed media uses LED Lighting. We offer the latest LED strip lighting technology that offers cool white, energy-efficient, long-lasting life. That's several years of your marketing and signage content staying visibly bright wherever presented and in all types of environments and locations, in the daytime, night, dark, or dimly lit areas.

We Design and Build SwingFrame LED Light Boxes
No other light box frame and display system have the flexibility and design possibilities that our SwingFrame illuminated frames offer. With in-house manufacturing capabilities, the patented SwingFrame Designer LED Light Box Frames are built with many standard sizes, metal and wood profile styles, and finishes with numerous custom options. Or we can design a custom lightbox display to your liking to enhance your specific advertising, graphic, poster, and signage within your décor requirements.

LED Snap Poster Frames
The most widely used illuminated frame and best-selling is the poster snap frame. This simple-designed, fast-change light box frame makes it easy to update your printed graphics. All four snap frame sides flip up and are spring-loaded to "snap open" and "snap shut" quickly by hand; no tools are required.

Snap frames install quickly and mount to a wall or flat surface. Or lean against the wall or objects. The versatility of the snap frame allows it to be used in Point of Purchase Displays and Cabinets.

Wall Hugging Aluminum Snap Frames
Thin is in. Made with durable aluminum, our SwingSnap Snap Poster Frame LED light boxes are not deep cabinets from years past but thin and slim LED frames. With several aluminum frame profiles widths from 1-Inch up to a bold 2 1/2-Inch wide frame, whichever you choose will have less than a 1" off-the-wall depth. And with the snap-open front loading design, it's quick and easy to update your poster and signs at a moment's notice.

When it comes to Lighted Poster Displays, no other framing solution is as widely used as the LED poster snap frame or as budget-friendly, especially for large-volume illuminated poster framing projects.

SwingSnap Snap Frame LED Light Box Frames
Elegantly designed and contemporary, our collections of "SwingSnap" LED Lighted Poster Frames have a choice of over 30+ standard frame sizes―making it convenient for many buyers to find the poster size that best meets their project needs. These Made in the USA aluminum snap frames come in black snap frames and silver snap frames, the two best-selling finishes that complement any interior décor.

For designers looking for the warmth of wood for their LED Snap Frame Light Box, we have 3 Faux Wood wrap finishes for their location, light oak, walnut, and cherry. In addition, if your lightbox project requires a more colorful frame, we have seven you can choose from.

Free Shipping on All 30+ SwingSnap Snap Frame LED Light Box Sizes

SwingFrame and Snap Frame LED light boxes come in all the popular illuminated poster frame sizes, small and extra large, including;

Lighted Snap Frame Sizes
While other online stores offer snap frame LED light boxes, it's usually limited to a few popular sizes. The LED Snap Frames in our collections include all the standard popular sizes and many other sizes for wide-ranging marketing and advertising projects to meet specific poster frame requirements. We have over 30 standard snap frames with LED lighting. And if the size of your poster is not listed, no worries. We build custom LED snap frames. Call or Email to request a quote.

LED Movie Poster Snap Frames
Are you looking for a Movie Poster Led Snap Frame? We have them. If a large lighted poster display frame is needed, you can buy extra-large poster sizes from 40x60 up to 48x96 in both portrait and landscape sizes. Buy LED lighted Movie Poster Snap Frames for 27x40, 24x36, 27x39, and the classic 27x41 movie poster size.

Our Light Boxes, Framed, and Display Cases are Everywhere
Just as posters, signs, and photography are everywhere, so are our lighted poster frames and sign holders, indoors and outdoors. They are on the walls of retail stores, fast food franchises, playhouses, movie theaters, airports and transportation centers, hotels, casinos, restaurants, auto dealerships, trade shows, and showrooms, to name a few public environments. Finding lighted poster frames in these wide-ranging locations is a compelling reason to buy lighted Snap Frames, SwingFrames, and SwingCases. It attracts attention and is an excellent investment.