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Authentic SwingFrames

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What is an Authentic SwingFrame?

SwingFrame is our patented, multi-purpose frame and display system that swings open. This functionality allows a multitude of display types to be easily accessed and rapidly changed. The SwingFrame design is composed of the following features:

  • Two-Part Frame System - The back "Swing Shell" is attached via hinges to the front custom picture frame. Hidden Hinges - Our unique hinges are installed and hidden behind the front frame for a clean, finished look.
  • Gravity Lock - This locking mechanism is hidden behind the front frame. Operate it by placing your finger behind the front frame and sliding the thin metal bar up to release the frame. You can now swing the frame open. Close the frame and slide the bar back down to lock the frame.
  • "Swing Shell" - This is built out of solid wood and laminated on its sides in various colors and finishes to complement the front frame.
  • Shadow Box Display Case - The cabinet is a wooden box that comes in numerous interior depths with exterior and interior laminated colors and finishes. The SwingFrame hinges are on the sides of the cabinet for attaching the selected frame.
  • Mounting Hardware - A wood or metal z-bar (cleat) and hanging brackets are mounted to the "Swing Shell." You can then easily mount the SwingFrame to the wall.

What makes the SwingFrame unique?

No other frame and display system can offer the flexibility and design possibilities that our SwingFrame offers. The patented swing-open, multi-purpose display system provides a wide range of visual communication and signage framing solutions.

  • Simplicity - The beauty of SwingFrame displays is there is no front visible hardware exposed. You can't tell that the frame can swing open! Concealed hinges and a hidden sliding gravity lock provide a simple swing-open feature that allows for a quick and easy change of all kinds of printed materials, signage, or merchandise. Our displays and easy-to-use mounting hardware will more than meet your expectations.
  • Versatility - The SwingFrame system was designed to be adaptable to numerous product categories by utilizing the swing-open feature. Some of these products include Wall Mounted Poster Sign Holders, Shadow Boxes, Floor Stands, Directories, Message Boards, and Light Boxes. Besides offering numerous standard sizes for all of our products, the flexibility of our system allows us to build custom sizes quickly and cost-effectively without minimum quantities.
  • More Choices - Different indoor environments require different display solutions. With SwingFrames, you have a wealth of options to complement a vast range of interior designs. Although we offer our custom designed metal and wood profiles, the SwingFrame system is designed to accept thousands of readily available metal and wood picture frame mouldings from well known industry distributors. These moldings provide an endless array of styles, colors, and finishes, more choices for your interior design display framing projects.
  • Quick Turnaround - We can deliver your product when needed with our standard molding stock and picture frame molding availability from a reliable network of distributors.

What types of displays can we create with the SwingFrame system?

Our swing-open framing system has been formed into a myriad of wall and freestanding display products. These include wall Poster Frames, Sign Holders, Shadow Boxes, Bulletin Boards, Cork Board Displays, Dry Erase Whiteboards and Blackboards, Letter Boards, Display Cases, Newspaper Frames, and Backlit/Edgelit LED Light Boxes. SwingFrame Floorstands include Floor Sign Holders, Poster Stands, Bulletin Board Stands and Message Boards, indoor Floor Standing Changeable Letterboards, Directories, Dry Erase, White and Black Marker Boards.

Where can I see SwingFrames?

SwingFrames can be found in just about every industry and marketplace. Customers have purchased our SwingFrames for Retail Stores, Corporate Offices, Residential Buildings, Senior Living Facilities, Malls, Schools and Universities, Libraries, Banks and Financial Institutions, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, and Healthcare Centers, Museums, Government Agencies, and Military Facilities. Browse our customer list to see just a few of the companies that have bought SwingFrame frames and displays.

Are there SwingFrame knockoffs in the marketplace?

We have not seen any exact knockoffs. One company tried to imitate the SwingFrame design. But function, style, and quality pale in comparison to the Authentic SwingFrame system.

How can I tell if my display is an Authentic SwingFrame?

The current SwingFrame design is a two-part system with a front wood or metal frame and back Swing Shell. Our unique hinges and Gravity Lock connect these two frame parts.

The original SwingFrame used steel latches (instead of the Gravity Lock) to keep the front frame closed. You may still find many of our original SwingFrames in use, even after 25 years!

What other details differentiate Authentic SwingFrames from imitators?

  • We can work with hundreds of metal and wood picture frame mouldings. This gives you an unlimited number of options and styles to create the perfect SwingFrame.
  • A side plunge lock with a key can be added for additional security.
  • Personalized message header panels (fixed or removable) can be included to showcase a company, organization, team name, logo, slogan, brand, or other messages.
  • Optional Lighting for all SwingFrame products. We can light your display from the top, back, or edges using LED lights.
  • Matboards can enhance your SwingFrame. You get to choose from hundreds of matboard colors for creating the perfect finish for your indoor display application.
  • Acrylic windows are included with each SwingFrame. Options vary depending on the product type. We offer clear, non-glare, and break-resistant acrylic.
  • A variety of interior backing materials, including cork, fabric, letter boards, or dry-erase boards, can be installed in your SwingFrame.

Where can I buy Authentic SwingFrames?

All of our SwingFrame collections can be found here or one of our other many specialty stores. Need a custom look? Try our new you-design-it website, Additionally, please contact a local authorized dealer, or reseller, that offers our Authentic SwingFrames. Email, Chat or call us a call at 844-409-1137 for more information or to request a quote.